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Learning About Fire Prevention, Causes and Educating Kids

We all live our lives day to day thinking that nothing bad will happen. We never think that we will be the ones dealing with the cleanup of a house fire. Unfortunately, there are many, many families that suffer the impact of house fires each year. Last year, a close friend of mine was a victim of a house fire and since then, my life has been different. I have spent many hours researching fire prevention, causes, and teaching children about fire prevention and what to do in the case of a fire. It is my hope that my research can help those of you concerned about house fires make the necessary changes in your home and teach your kids what they need to know about fire.



Learning About Fire Prevention, Causes and Educating Kids

Five Good Reasons To Invest In A Patio Cover

by Pedro Taylor

Do you often wish that you could enjoy your patio on a stormy or hot summer's day? Do you lament that you don't get the use out of your patio that you'd like to? After all, you put a lot of effort and money into getting your outdoor entertainment area just how you like it. It just makes sense to extend the number of days you can use it as much as possible. That's where installing a patio cover can help:

What is a patio cover?

Patio covers, as the name implies, provide a roof or awning over your outdoor living area, shielding it from the weather and hot summer sun. Patio covers area available in a variety of materials, from vinyl to aluminum to wood. Most covers are permanent structures and stay in place year round.

Benefits of investing in a patio cover

1. A patio cover will keep your patio looking nice longer. By sheltering your patio from the sun, rain and snow, a patio cover can help you extend the life of your outdoor living space, whether it's concrete, tile or wood.

2. Your patio furniture will last longer. It's not just your patio that will last longer. You'll have to replace your outdoor furniture less frequently when it doesn't take a direct beating from the sun, wind and rain.

3. Your patio will stay cooler. By shading your patio, a cover will help keep your outdoor living space cooler, allowing you and your family to get more use from it. 

4. It can increase your property value. A cracked and dull patio can be a turn-off to potential buyers when it comes time to sell your property. Installing a patio cover doesn't just provide comfort; it makes good economic sense.

5. It can help you save energy. Lastly, a patio cover can help you save on your summer cooling bills. By shading the patio area, the cover will keep the sun's UV rays from transferring heat into the interior of your house and help keep your air cooling system from having to work so hard.

While a patio cover isn't the right choice for every homeowner with an outdoor entertainment area or living space, investing in this one item can extend the life and the amount of use you get from your patio, help protect your patio furniture, help you save on your cooling bills and even help you increase your property value.