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Learning About Fire Prevention, Causes and Educating Kids

We all live our lives day to day thinking that nothing bad will happen. We never think that we will be the ones dealing with the cleanup of a house fire. Unfortunately, there are many, many families that suffer the impact of house fires each year. Last year, a close friend of mine was a victim of a house fire and since then, my life has been different. I have spent many hours researching fire prevention, causes, and teaching children about fire prevention and what to do in the case of a fire. It is my hope that my research can help those of you concerned about house fires make the necessary changes in your home and teach your kids what they need to know about fire.



Learning About Fire Prevention, Causes and Educating Kids

Is Your Old And Worn Roof Wasting Energy And Putting The House At Risk? What Options To Get With New Shingles

by Pedro Taylor

If you are replacing the aging and worn roofing shingles on your home, there are some other roofing updates that you want to make at the same time. You want to improve the entire roofing system, not just the shingles, to make sure that your home is protected and that it's as efficient as you can make it. Here are a few additional things you'll want to get estimates for when you get a quote from roofing companies in your area.

Attic Fan Installation

Running the attic fan in the summer to get rid of the hot air that has risen and gotten trapped in the roof can help prevent humidity problems, and it also helps keep the house cool. Preventing humidity problems and condensation can stop the wood from rotting or warping, and you can avoid pests that are attracted to moisture. Get the cost for both traditional and solar options while the roofing experts are at your house.

Seamless Rain Gutters

Rain gutters with seams and that don't have screens can be a disaster. Weight from water can cause the seams to split, along with twigs and other debris that lands in the gutters. Seamless rain gutters will provide a smooth flowing surface for water and debris to get to the downspout, and screens will keep all items falling off trees and around the roof out. If you want to greatly minimize gutter maintenance, request seamless and screen-covered options.

New Roofing Insulation

Replacing the insulation that helps to stop air loss can greatly reduce your energy consumption throughout the year and having it replaced when you replace the shingles is the perfect time. Look at insulation that has a high R-Value, and consider spray foam if you want an option that seals the roof and stops moisture from getting inside. The spray foam also supports the structure and stops pests.

If you know you're wasting a lot of energy each month because of your old and worn roof, have an energy audit performed to make sure there aren't any mistakes. There are a lot of ways that you can improve your roof when you decide to get rid of the old shingles that aren't doing their job, so get estimates and find out what upgrades and changes will be worth the financial investment. All of these changes will improve the value of your home if you go to list it or need an appraisal and will help make the house more comfortable at the same time.