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Learning About Fire Prevention, Causes and Educating Kids

We all live our lives day to day thinking that nothing bad will happen. We never think that we will be the ones dealing with the cleanup of a house fire. Unfortunately, there are many, many families that suffer the impact of house fires each year. Last year, a close friend of mine was a victim of a house fire and since then, my life has been different. I have spent many hours researching fire prevention, causes, and teaching children about fire prevention and what to do in the case of a fire. It is my hope that my research can help those of you concerned about house fires make the necessary changes in your home and teach your kids what they need to know about fire.



Learning About Fire Prevention, Causes and Educating Kids

Weed Control 101: Basics Approaches To Know

by Pedro Taylor

As the summer season brings sun and rain, lawns and gardens alike start to flourish, but with that growth comes weeds as well. If you've been struggling with weed problems in your yard, it's important that you know how to address them. There are a variety of methods of weed control that can help you to protect your lawn from these nutrient leeches. Here are some of the things that you need to know.

Pre-Emergent Weed Control

Apply pre-emergent weed control products to your lawn or garden area before the weeds start to germinate. This type of product prevents germination, which keeps the weeds from ever erupting at all. This is an ideal option when you have an established area where you only want to eliminate weeds. However, if you're dealing with a space that you're planting, or the weeds have already arrived, it's not necessarily the best choice. Pre-emergent weed control will prevent the seeds you plant from germinating, too, so it's best avoided if you're planting in the area in question. Some pre-emergent weed control products are sprays, while others are granules that get scattered on the soil.

Post-Emergent Weed Control

Post-emergent weed control targets weeds after they have already sprouted. Some of these products are targeted products, leaving behind the grass or other desired foliage while killing the weeds. Others are broad-spectrum weed control products that will kill anything growing in the application area. Make sure you know which one you've chosen and be sure you choose the right one for your ultimate goal. Many post-emergent weed control products are sprays that you apply directly to the weeds in question.

Natural Weed Control

Pulling weeds by hand is one direct method of natural weed control if you wish to avoid chemicals. However, this can be time-consuming and is often ineffective in the long run because it doesn't keep the weeds from coming back. As a result, you'll spend far more time than you might think pulling weeds. You can also eliminate weeds with boiling water. For example, weeds emerging in your walkways can be eliminated by pouring a pot of boiling water directly over them a few times over the course of a couple of days. This will kill the weeds gradually. You can also apply salt directly to the base of the weeds. Salt will eliminate the weeds as well, but try not to use an excessive amount of salt because it can alter the nutrient balance in the soil.

These are a few of the most common approaches to weed control, whether you're looking to stop them before they start or deal with them after they've sprouted.

For more information, contact a weed control service in your area.